Volume 5, Number 4, October 1997

Table of Contents

3-4 Valerie J. Harvey
Not yet available... Pronouncing the Name of a Global..., Or: A Carrot is a Carrot
8-12 Erik Zoltán
Not yet available... Bottoms Up!, Why Top-Down Design may be a Waste of Time, Part II
13 Arthur B. Smith
Not yet available... Questing, M[UMPS] Grows Up
14-15 Ed J.P.M. de Moel
Windmills, 2.7183 Apples = 3.14159 Oranges, Or was that the other way about?
18-20 T. Bain Henderson, W. Lloyd Milligan, Robert M. Kolodner and Judith V. Douglas
Not yet available... Computerizing Large Integrated Health Networks, The VA Success
21 Greg Vail and Dave Potter
Not yet available... Data Innovations Inc.
22-25 Valerie J. Harvey and Lynne R. Cuda
Not yet available... Multi-User and Multi-Device M[UMPS] Training Techniques
26-29 Valerie J. Harvey, Dan Baer, Gary Baanstra, Bernard Bishop, Scott Jones, Gregory R. Kreis, Michael L. Poxon, James A. Self, Kevin Smith and Leane Verhulst
Not yet available... Threads, Coding Samples
30-31 Paul Elswick
Not yet available... 75% of Seacoast Laboratory Data Systems' Clients Transition to MSM-Server for Windows NT Platform
36 Pamela G. McIntyre
Not yet available... Arguing with Success