Volume 3, Number 3, June 1995

Table of Contents

M[UMPS] related literature - Publications by MUGs and MTAs

M Computing, volume 3, number 3

4 Stephen M. Casey
Not yet available... Welcome to MTA's 24th Annual Meeting
10-16 Tasha Crannell and R. Chris Richardson
Not yet available... Global Placement Model
19 Frederick L. Hiltz
Not yet available... Just Ask!, How to Handle the DO Command in the Age of $TEST
20-24 Robert D. Andrews
Not yet available... Information Sharing Using a Client Server Prototype: M[UMPS] to VB via TCP/IP
25-30 Donna S. Cunningham - Beckman
Not yet available... Hardware for MUMPS: Is There a Choice?
33-40 Peter M. Kuzmak and Ruth E. Dayhoff
Not yet available... Implementing the Digital Image and Communications for Medicine (DICOM) Protocol in M[UMPS]
45-47 Winfried O. Gerum
Not yet available... Tips 'n' Tricks, Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do (Luke 23:34)
48-51 Rodney Anderson
Not yet available... New Technologies, How OOP Relates to MWAPI
52-54 Tami Winn and Frederick D.S. Marshall
Not yet available... Focus on FileMan, FileMan 21: Twelve Steps to Better Sorting
60-61 Ed J.P.M. de Moel
Windmills, End-of-the-Century Blues
62 William P. Aldrich
Not yet available... New Technologies, Reverse Engineering: Its Use on a Legacy System
72 Rita Mincavage
Not yet available... ... The More they Remain the Same