Volume 7, Number 4, September 1999

Table of Contents

12-18 Marilyn D. Paterno, Rita D. Zielstorff, Mark Segal, Jonathan M. Teich, Gilad J. Kuperman, Roberta L. Fox
Not yet available... Using M[UMPS] to Navigate Multiple Step Clinical Algorithms Over Time
17 Don Gall
Not yet available... Message from the Chair
19-21 Glenn Palmiere
Not yet available... Reviving Hardware - Bringing New Life to Old Hardware
22-25 Wang Jizhang
Not yet available... Recent Trends and Challenges of HIS in China
The Growth Potential Using M[UMPS] and Caché
26-29 Fred Boles
Not yet available... A Glimpse into the Object-M Future
30-32 Ed J.P.M. de Moel
40-44 Ethan Fener
Not yet available... An Overview of Partners HealthCare Clinical Information System Architecture
48-49 Kate M. Schell
Not yet available... Hail! and Farewell?