Volume 4, Number 1, March 1996

Table of Contents

4 David A. Holbrook, Frederick G. Kohun, Gregory R. Kreis, Robert Mappes, Roger Partridge, Gail Penrod and Catherine N. Pfeil
Not yet available... Welcome!
9-14 Kirsi Karvinen, Mikko Korpela and Hellevi Ruonamaa
Not yet available... Rejuvenation of Legacy Systems: The Case of M[UMPS]/Kernel Based Hospital Information Systems in Finland
15-19 H.A. Soriyan, A.D. Akinde, F.O. Farewo, M.A. Adekunle, A.O. Oristoberu and Mikko Korpela
Not yet available... M[UMPS] and Kernel as Appropriate Technology in Health Care in Africa
20-24 Richard F. Walters and Nancy E. Reed
Not yet available... Distance Learning: Can we Use it to Teach M[UMPS] Programming?
25-27 David Johnson and Judy McKenzie
Not yet available... M[UMPS] Database and Non-M[UMPS] Application - Connectivity Utilizing OCR
28-29 Ed Hinkle
Not yet available... Kernel Version 8.0
30-31 Ed J.P.M. de Moel
Windmills, Or ELSE...
32-35 Winfried O. Gerum
Not yet available... Tips 'n' Tricks, Rational Arithmetic
36-37 Frederick L. Hiltz
Not yet available... Just Ask!, Indirection
49 Ed J.P.M. de Moel
Not yet available... From the Chairman of the MUMPS Development Committee, Five New ANSI Standards
50-51 Terry L. Wiechmann, John A. McManamon and Jerry E. Goodnough
Not yet available... Integrating Object Technology with M[UMPS]: Candid Answers to Commonly Asked Questions
56 Rita Mincavage
Not yet available... For the Times they are Changing