Volume 6, Number 3, August 1998

Table of Contents

3-4 Kate M. Schell
Not yet available... Innovation versus Standardization
10-11 Don Gall
The MTA's own Y2K Problem
12-14 Greg Kreis
The Java as a Second Language Experience
15-17 Max Rivers
Using M[UMPS] to Keep up with Laboratory Automation
18-20 Wilhelm Pastoors
Interview with Richard Walters, ... Every Problem can just as easily be considered an opportunity.
22-23 Don E. Piccone
Building the Millennium Standard, or, Event Processing Controversy Resolved
27-29 Ed J.P.M. de Moel
Windmills, Two Steps Closer to Objects in M[UMPS]
30 David J. Whitten
Not yet available... Participants' Review
31-32 Brenda Wiechmann
Not yet available... Profit from the Power of Web Training!
33-36 Paul Grabscheid
Not yet available... InterSystems' Acquisition of MSM
38-40 Kate M. Schell
Threads, The Acquisition
42-43 Arthur B. Smith
Questing, Interesting Times
47 Pamela G. McIntyre
Not yet available... Oh No, Not Microsoft!