Special variables -- $SYSTEM


Introduced in the 1995 ANSI M[UMPS] language standard.

The value of this variable is a unique identifier for the current M[UMPS] system.

WRITE !,"Currently executing on ",$SYSTEM,"."

SET ^UTILITY($SYSTEM_$JOB,x)="Job dependent info"

The value of $SYSTEM is a string that starts with a numeric code that identifies manufacturer. Codes are assigned by MDC. There is not and will not be a manufacturer with code number 1.

43 = Micronetics Design Corporation
44 = MGlobal Incorporated
45 = PFCS Corporation (formerly known as Plus Five Computer Systems)
46 = InterSystems Corporation
47 = Greystone Technology Incorporated

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This document describes the various special variables that are defined in the M[UMPS] language standard (ANSI X11.1, ISO 11756).

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