Special variables -- $ECODE


Introduced in the 1995 ANSI M[UMPS] language standard.

This variable provides information about the error-conditions that are unresolved.

IF $ECODE[",M6," WRITE "Undefined local variable"

Note: the leftmost character of the value of $ECODE is always a comma. This means that every error code that is stored in $ECODE is surrounded by commas. If $ECODE contains "M61", it would also contain "M6", so it is better to include the commas in the value to check for: check whether $ECODE contains ",M6,".

For more examples of the use of special variable $ECODE, see the function $STACK.

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This document describes the various special variables that are defined in the M[UMPS] language standard (ANSI X11.1, ISO 11756).

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