Library Functions -- $%PRODUCE^STRING

Approved for inclusion in a future ANSI M[UMPS] language standard as part of the library for String Handling.

This function returns a translated version of the value of its parameter.

This function could be used to reduce multiple separators to single ones:

; Two blanks will be reduced to a single one
SET SPEC(1,1)=" ",SPEC(1,2)=" "
; translate all relevant separators into blanks
SET X=$TRANSLATE(X,"!?,.;:()"," ")
; and reduce multiple blanks to singletons

A soundex algorithm for English names:

1. Remove non-alpha and convert lower case to upper case
2. Examine first letters
PH --> F
CE --> S
KN --> N
WR --> R
C --> K
3. Ignore all other vowels (A, E, I, O and U)
4. Then replace
MP --> M
ST --> S
DG --> D
TCH --> CH
GHT --> HT
5. Then make the following equivalent
B, F, P and V
C, G, J, K, Q, S, X and Z
D and T
M and N
6. Finally, remove multiple consecutive occurences of the same character

 SET LOW="abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
 FOR I=1:1:5 SET C(I,1)=$PIECE("PH C CE KN WR"," ",I)
 FOR I=1:1:5 SET C(I,2)=$PIECE("F. K S. N. R."," ",I)
 FOR I=1:1:5 DO
 . SET C(I,1)=$PIECE("MP ST DG TCH GHT"," ",I)
 FOR I=1:1:5 DO
 . SET C(I,2)=$PIECE("M. S. D. CH. HT." ",I)
 FOR I=1:1:26 DO
 . SET C(I,1)=$CHAR(64+I,64+I)
 . SET C(I,2)=$CHAR(64+I)

The MDC has approved code to approximate the return value of this function. Implementors are encouraged to provide more accurate and efficient code). Click here to view or download the code for this function. Click here to view or download the code for all M[UMPS] Library Functions.

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This document describes the various library functions that are defined for the M[UMPS] programming language.

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