Library Functions -- $%COLLATE^CHARACTER

Approved for inclusion in a future ANSI M[UMPS] language standard as an override mechanism for collating strings.

This function returns the collating value that would apply to a string in the specified environment. The environment specified may be:

Reference   Value
SET S="abc",A="ao"    
SET ISO="ISO 8859-1"    
$%COLLATE^CHARACTER(A,ISO)   "ano000060"

In the string "ano000060", there are three parts, one for each iteration of the collation algorithm. The first part ("ano") is the "pure" character value, the second part ("000") is the upper/lower case value of the letters, and the third part ("060") is the weight of the diacritical marks.

The MDC has approved code to approximate the return value of this function. Implementors are encouraged to provide more accurate and efficient code). Click here to view or download the code for this function. Click here to view or download the code for all M[UMPS] Library Functions.

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This document describes the various library functions that are defined for the M[UMPS] programming language.

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