M[UMPS] Commands


Approved for inclusion in a future ANSI M[UMPS] language standard.

This command copies parts of a routine from implementation specific internal storage into a local or global variable. Typical practice is to edit the copy that is obtained in this way by modifying the local or global variable in question, and then re-create the routine in implementation specific internal storage by means of the RSAVE command.

Any keywords in the argument of the command are processed in strict left-to-right order. When multiple equivalent parameters are encountered, the last occurrence processed will define the action(s) to be taken.

If the argument of this command specifies a non-existent routine, an error will occur (M88).

Copy a routine into a local array. The value of LOCVAR(1) will be the same as $TEXT(+1^DIK).

Assume that the routine DEMO consists of the following lines:

DEMO ; This is an example
 WRITE !,"This is the second line"
 WRITE !,"Last line with WRITE command"

And assume that the array EDIT contains the following nodes:

SET EDIT(2)="This disappears"
SET EDIT(2,1)="This remains"
SET EDIT(3.5)=" ;This stays as well"
SET EDIT("Last Word")=" ;The final word"

After the command RLOAD DEMO:EDIT, the array will contain:

EDIT(1)="DEMO ; This is an example"
EDIT(2)=" WRITE !,""This is the second line"""
EDIT(2,1)="This remains"
EDIT(3)=" WRITE !,""Last line with WRITE command"""
EDIT(3.5)=" ;This stays as well"
EDIT("Last Word")=" ;The final word"

Examples with naked references:

SET ^ABC(1,2)="reset naked indicator"
; Naked indicator is now ^ABC(1,

; Store code in ^ABC(1,3,4)
; Naked indicator is now: ^ABC(1,3,
; Actual reference is: ^ABC(1,3,4)

Note: the code will be stored into ^ABC(1,3,4,1), ^ABC(1,3,4,2) etcetera, but the naked indicator will remain ^ABC(1,3,.

SET ^ABC(1,2)="reset naked indicator"
; Naked indicator is now ^ABC(1,
RLOAD NAME:^(3,4):(KEY1=^(5,6):KEY2=^(7,8))

; Fetch the value for the first parameter from ^(5,6) = ^ABC(1,5,6)
; Naked indicator is now: ^ABC(1,5,
; Fetch the value from ^(7,8) = ^ABC(1,5,7,8)
; Naked indicator is now: ^ABC(1,5,7,
; Store code in ^(3,4) = ^ABC(1,5,7,3,4)
Note: the code will be stored into ^ABC(1,5,7,3,4,1), ^ABC(1,5,7,3,4,2) etcetera, but the naked indicator will remain ^ABC(1,5,7,3,.

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This document describes the various commands that are defined in the M[UMPS] language standard (ANSI X11.1, ISO 11756).

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