M[UMPS] Commands


Introduced in the 1977 ANSI M[UMPS] language standard.


Note that KILL (A(1),B) is not allowed.

Additions in a future ANSI M[UMPS] language standard.

In addition to the previous indirection capabilities, the possibility to KILL (A,B,@C,D) with C equal to "P,Q,R" is included.

When the traditional KILL command removes information, it removes any value, and any descendants of the variables affected. The addition is that two new commands are introduced (see command KSUBSCRIPTS and command KVALUE) that allow for a more selective removal of information.

 ; A should be unchanged
1 IF $DATA(A)'=1 DO ERROR(1)
 ; B(10) should have been deleted
2 IF $DATA(B)'=0 DO ERROR(2)
 ; Only C(11) should have been deleted
3 IF $DATA(C)'=1 DO ERROR(3)
 ; A should have been deleted
4 IF $DATA(A)'=0 DO ERROR(4)
 ;B should be unchanged
5 IF $DATA(B)'=10 DO ERROR(5)
 ; C should be deleted, C(11) should remain
6 IF $DATA(C)'=10 DO ERROR(6)
 ; A should be unchanged
7 IF $DATA(A)'=1 DO ERROR(7)
 ; B(10) should be unaffected
8 IF $DATA(B)'=10 DO ERROR(8)
 ; Only C(11) should have been deleted
9 IF $DATA(C)'=1 DO ERROR(9)
 ; A should be unchanged
10 IF $DATA(A)'=1 DO ERROR(10)
 ; B(10) should be unchanged
11 IF $DATA(B)'=0 DO ERROR(11)
 ; Only C should have been deleted
12 IF $DATA(C)'=10 DO ERROR(12)
 ; A should have been deleted
13 IF $DATA(A)'=0 DO ERROR(13)
 ; B(10) should have been deleted
14 IF $DATA(B)'=0 DO ERROR(14)
 ; Both C and C(11) should be unaffected
15 IF $DATA(C)'=11 DO ERROR(15)
 ; A should be unaffected
16 IF $DATA(A)'=1 DO ERROR(16)
 ; B(10) should be unaffected
17 IF $DATA(B)'=10 DO ERROR(17)
 ; Both C and C(11) should have been deleted
18 IF $DATA(C)'=0 DO ERROR(18)
SETUP SET A=1,B(10)=10,C=11,C(11)=11 QUIT
ERROR(I) WRITE !,"Error in check # ",I

Examples with naked references:

SET ^ABC(1,2)="reset naked indicator"
; Naked indicator is now ^ABC(1,
KILL ^(3,4)

; Naked indicator is now: ^ABC(1,3,
; Actual reference is: ^ABC(1,3,4)

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This document describes the various commands that are defined in the M[UMPS] language standard (ANSI X11.1, ISO 11756).

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