M[UMPS] Commands


Approved for inclusion in a future ANSI M[UMPS] language standard.

The ASSIGN command is very much like the SET command, with the difference that a value that is stored into a variable by the ASSIGN command is a "handle" or "pointer" to an object, and a value that is stored by the SET command is always a string value.

The example below starts an instance of Microsoft WordTM, and decides based on a run-time value, whether to work in "portrait" or in "landscape" mode:

Open(wide) NEW cm,doc,fst,inch,word
 SET fst=0,inch=72,cm=inch/2.54
 ASSIGN word=$zcreateobj("Word.Document")
 SET word.Application.Visible=1
 SET word.Application.WindowState=2
 ASSIGN doc=word.Application.Activedocument
 IF wide>9 DO
 . SET doc.PageSetup.Orientation=1
 . SET doc.PageSetup.PageWidth=11*inch
 . SET doc.PageSetup.PageHeight=8.5*inch
 . SET doc.PageSetup.TopMargin=cm
 . SET doc.PageSetup.BottomMargin=cm
 . SET doc.PageSetup.LeftMargin=1.5*cm
 . SET doc.PageSetup.RightMargin=1.5*cm
 . SET doc.PageSetup.Orientation=0
 . SET doc.PageSetup.PageWidth=8.5*inch
 . SET doc.PageSetup.PageHeight=11*inch
 . SET doc.PageSetup.TopMargin=2*cm
 . SET doc.PageSetup.BottomMargin=2*cm
 . SET doc.PageSetup.LeftMargin=2*cm
 . SET doc.PageSetup.RightMargin=2*cm

Examples with naked indicators:

SET ^ABC(1,2)="reset naked indicator"
; Naked indicator is now ^ABC(1,
ASSIGN ^(3,4)=^(5,6)

; 1. fetch ^(5,6) = ^ABC(1,5,6)
; 2. store ^(3,4) = ^ABC(1,5,3,4)
; Naked indicator is now: ^ABC(1,5,3,

SET ^ABC(1,2)="reset naked indicator"
; Naked indicator is now ^ABC(1,
ASSIGN (^(3,4),^(5,6))=^(7,8)

; 1. fetch ^(7,8) = ^ABC(1,7,8)
; 2. store ^(3,4) = ^ABC(1,7,3,4)
; 3. store ^(5,6) = ^ABC(1,7,3,5,6)
; Naked indicator is now: ^ABC(1,5,3,

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This document describes the various commands that are defined in the M[UMPS] language standard (ANSI X11.1, ISO 11756).

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In this document, information is included that will appear in future standards.
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