Volume 6, Number 5, December 1998

Table of Contents

3-4 Kate M. Schell
Not yet available... M[UMPS] Programmers in a User-Oriented World
9 Chris Casey
Not yet available... Whither the MTA?
11-13 Feng Huang
M[UMPS] Market in China: Opportunities and Challenges
14-15 Don Gall
Not yet available... From the Chairman
16-19 Alan Simon
The Next 5 Years
21-22 Arthur B. Smith
Questing, MDC Seeks the Latest Technology
23-24 Ed J.P.M. de Moel
The Titanic is Still Afloat
25-27 George F. Timson
The FileMan Audit Trail
30-32 Bill Lake
Web-based Skill Testing for Computer Professionals
33 Rick Marshall
Not yet available... Michael Distaso Memorial Fund
34-37 Max Rivers
Putting a Browser Front End on M[UMPS]: M[UMPS] Gets a Window on the World
40 Pamela G. McIntyre
Not yet available... Everything Old is New Again