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Child Ballads - Lyrics

Child 84
Bonny Barbara Allen
Version A

  1. The Tea-Table Miscellany, IV, 46, ed. 1740; here from the London edition of 1763, p. 343.
  2. Percy's Reliques, III, 131, ed. 1765, "with a few conjectural emendations from a written copy."


1   It was in and about the Martinmas time,
When the green leaves were a falling,
That Sir John Gra+eme, in the West Country,
Fell in love with Barbara Allan.
2   He sent his men down through the town,
To the place where she was dwelling:
'O haste and come to my master dear,
Gin ye be Barbara Allan.'
3   O hooly, hooly rose she up,
To the place where he was lying,
And when she drew the curtain by,
'Young man, I think you're dying.'
4   'O it's I'm sick, and very, very sick,
And 'tis a' for Barbara Allan:'
'O the better for me ye's never be,
Tho your heart's blood were a spilling.
5   'O dinna ye mind, young man,' said she,
'When ye was in the tavern a drinking,
That ye made the healths gae round and round,
And slighted Barbara Allan?'
6   He turnd his face unto the wall,
And death was with him dealing:
'Adieu, adieu, my dear friends all,
And be kind to Barbara Allan.'
7   And slowly, slowly raise she up,
And slowly, slowly left him,
And sighing said, she coud not stay,
Since death of life had reft him.
8   She had not gane a mile but twa,
When she heard the dead-bell ringing,
And every jow that the dead-bell geid,
It cry'd, Woe to Barbara Allan!
9   'O mother, mother, make my bed!
O make it saft and narrow!
Since my love died for me to-day,
I'll die for him to-morrow.'

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