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MWAPI - Conformance

1995 Version of ANSI (Equivalent to Current ISO Version) of Standard

11 Conformance
11.1 Implementations
11.1.1 Conforming Implementation

A conforming implementation of the MWAPI shall:

  1. Correctly implement all features conforming to this International Standard.
  2. Detect all errors required by this International Standard.
  3. Complete the following conformance specification:
    XXX version V implements X11.6-YYYY with the following conformance specification:
    Implementation Definition
    Section Feature Option / Value
    4.1.9 PLATFORM dattribute  
      Minimum hardware configuration  
      Operating system name  
      Operating system version  
      Required software  
      Special configuration requirements  
  4. Use the implementationattribute and implementationvalue name spaces for implementation-specific features.
  5. Define all implementation-specific features in the following table.
    Implementation-Specific Features
    Keyword Window / Element /
    Event / Attribute
  6. Provide, at a minimum, the limits defined in the following table.
    Portability Limits
    Section Feature Description Limit
    3.3.5 application- attribute Aggregate size of applicationattributes for a process, calculated according to the M[UMPS] local variable storage specification. M[UMPS] local variable storage limit
    5 wname Number of characters in window name 31
    5   Number of windows 31
    6   Number of elements per M[UMPS] process 2,047
    6.1 gname Number of characters in gadget name 31
    6.1   Number of gadgets per window 255
    6.2 mname Number of characters in menu name 31
    6.3 tname Number of characters in timer name 31
    6.3   Number of timers per window 7
    6.4.6 CHARMAX elattribute Maximum number of characters in the text value of a list entry box or text gadget M[UMPS] string length
    6.4.7 item Total number of menu choices per window 255
    6.4.7 CHOICE elattribute Number of characters in a single choice 255
    6.4.7 item Number of choices in a list box, list entry box, or long list box. 1023
    6.4.7 item Number of choices in a list button 31
    6.4.7 CHOICE elattribute Aggregate number of characters in all choices for a gadget 16,383
    6.4.36 TITLE elattribute Maximum number of characters in an element title 255
    6.4.41 longchars Maximum number of characters for the text value of a document gadget 32,767
    6.5.8 SUBMENU cattribute Menu depth 7
    7.1 drawnum Aggregate number of drawcommands for a process 2,047
  7. Define all features that are not implemented in the following table.
    Unimplemented Features
    Section Feature Description

A conforming implementation may, but is not required to, permit an application to modify the values of attributes for which this International Standard does not specify Modify access.

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