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OMI - Device Parameters

Draft MDC Standard

5.3.7 Device parameters

The client may get and set parameters of a device, using transactions that contain multiple parameters. Parameters received or set in 1 transaction apply only to the mnemonic spaces (if any) named in that transaction.

This standard defines 2 styles of device parameters. The implementer of a server may choose which to use, but only 1 style shall be used for any 1 device; they shall not be mixed on a device. Both styles are expressed as <LS> but their contents differ. The choices of style and the semantics of device parameters are the server's. The agent shall send them with the server's form and content.

Individual parameters of the positional style derive their meanings from their positions in the string <LS> of device parameters, whose fields and their sequence shall be:

  1. Selector: <VI> Bits 0 – 31 represent up to 32 positional device parameters. Those parameters whose bit equals 1 constitute the remaining fields. Those whose bit equals 0 do not appear among the remaining fields.
  2. Parameter(s): <SS> 0 or more values of the device parameters represented by bits = 1 in the selector, in order of the bit numbers.

Individual parameters of the keyword style derive their meanings from the keywords contained in them. Each parameter shall have the form keyword=value or the form keyword. Keyword shall not contain the "=" character, although value may. The fields of keyword style device parameters shall be:

Some parameter values may be changed while the device is owned. When parameters conflict with or modify previously set parameters, the last setting shall apply, when the change is permissible for the device. Some parameter values may not be changed, in which case the server shall return a parameter changed error condition.

If the response header indicates an erroneous device parameter, then the error modifier shall indicate to which device parameter the error pertains, counting the first device parameter in the request as 1. The effect of other device parameters in the request is left to the implementer.

NOTE – When more than 1 device parameter is erroneous, the server may report any 1 of the errors.

<LI> <VI>
<SS> <SS> . . .
<SI> Parameter <SI> Parameter

Figure 10 – Form of positional style device parameters

<LI> <SS> <SS> . . .
<SI> Parameter <SI> Parameter

Figure 11 – Form of keyword style device parameters

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