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OMI - Routine Reference

Draft MDC Standard

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5.3.4 Routine reference

4.1 describes the name of an M[UMPS] routine, its environment, and the actual arguments that may be passed to it.

A routine reference shall be a long string <LS>. Its fields shall be strings containing the environment, routine name, and actual arguments. The fields of the routine reference and their sequence shall be:

  1. Environment: <LS> denotes the server's environment from which the routine shall be fetched.
    NOTE – The job request may specify a different environment in which the routine is to execute.
  2. Name: <SS> A caret shall precede the name of the routine, as shown in X11.1 clause
  3. Argument count: <SI> the number of argument fields following.
  4. Arguments: 0 or more (the number given in the argument count) <LS>. Each is the value of an actual argument passed to the routine.
    When the job request in which the routine reference appears includes a process parameter that sets a character set profile, the agent shall send the arguments using that character set profile. Otherwise, the agent shall use the character set profile of the client.

An argument count of 0 shall denote an empty list of arguments. The argument count and arguments fields shall be omitted when no list of arguments is passed to the routine. The language syntax of X11.1, clauses and, distinguishes an empty list from an omitted list of arguments.

Some devices support a device parameter that sets the character set profile of the device. Agents may refer to the server's ssvns for the availability and definitions of character set profiles.

<LS> <SS> <SI>
Arg Count
<LS> <LS> . . .
<LI> Environ <SI> Name <LI> Arg 1 <LI> Arg 2

Figure 8 – Form of a routine reference

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