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X3.64 controlmnemonics

1995 Version of ANSI (Equivalent to Current ISO Version) of Standard

Annex G (informative)
X3.64 Controlmnemonics

Control Function
APC Application Program Command
CBT Cursor Backward Tabulation
CCH Cancel Character
CHA Cursor Horizontal Absolute
CHT Cursor Horizontal Tabulation
CNL Cursor Next Line
CPL Cursor Preceding Line
CPR Cursor Position Report
CTC Cursor Tabulation Control
CUB Cursor Backward
CUD Cursor Down
CUF Cursor Forward
CUP Cursor Position
CUU Cursor Up
CVT Cursor Vertical Tabulation
DA Device Attributes
DAQ Define Area Qualification
DCH Delete Character
DCS Device Control String
DL Delete Line
DMI Disable Manual Input
DSR Device Status Report
EA Erase in Area
ECH Erase Character
ED Erase in Display
EF Erase in Field
EL Erase in Line
EMI Enable Manual Input
EPA End of Protected Area
ESA End of Selected Area
FNT Font Selection
GSM Graphic Size Modification
GSS Graphic Size Selection
HPA Horizontal Position Absolute
HPR Horizontal Position Relative
HTJ Horizontal Tab with Justify
HTS Horizontal Tabulation Set
HVP Horizontal and Vertical Position
ICH Insert Character
IL Insert Line
IND Index
INT Interrupt
JFY Justify
MC Media Copy
MW Message Waiting
NEL Next Line
NP Next Page
OSC Operating System Command
PLD Partial Line Down
PLU Partial Line Up
PM Privacy Message
PP Preceding Page
PU1 Private Use One
PU2 Private Use Two
REP Repeat
RI Reverse Index
RIS Reset to Initial State
RM Reset Mode
SEM Select Editing Extent Mode
SGR Select Graphic Rendition
SL Scroll Left
SM Set Mode
SPA Start of Protected Area
SPI Spacing Increment
SR Scroll Right
SS2 Single Shift Two
SS3 Single Shift Three
SSA Start of Selected Area
ST String Terminator
STS Set Transmit State
SU Scroll Up
TBC Tabulation Clear
TSS Thin Space Specification
VPA Vertical Position Absolute
VPR Vertical Position Relative
VTS Vertical Tabulation Set
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