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Metalanguage Elements

1995 Version of ANSI (Equivalent to Current ISO Version) of Standard

Annex C (Informative)
Metalanguage element dictionary

::=   definition
[ ] optional element
| | group of alternate choices
... optional indefinite repetition
actual actual argument
actuallist actual argument list
actualname actual argument name
algoref algorithm reference
alternation alternation
argument argument of a command
binaryop binary operator
charset character set
charsetexpr character set expression
closeargument Close argument
command command
commands commands separated by cs
commandword command word
comment comment
controlmnemonic control mnemonic
CR carriage return character
cs command separator
device device
deviceattribute device attribute
devicekeyword device keyword
deviceparam device parameter
deviceparameters device parameters
devicexpr device expression
digit decimal digit
dlabel indirect label (evaluated label)
doargument Do argument
ecode error code
emptystring empty string
entryref entry reference
environment set of distinct names
eoffset error offset
eol end-of-line
eor end-of-routine
exfunc extrinsic function
exp exponent
expr expression
expratom expression atom
expritem expression item
exprtail expression tail
externalroutinename external routine name
externref external reference
extid external identifier
extsyntax external syntax
exttext external text
exvar extrinsic variable
fncodatom $FNumber code atom
fncode $FNumber code
fncodexpr $FNumber code expression
fncodp $FNumber code P
fncodt $FNumber code T
FF form feed character
formalline formal line (line with formallist)
formallist formal argument list
format I/O format code
forparameter For argument
function intrinsic function
glvn global or local variable name
gnamind global name indirection
gotoargument Goto argument
graphic graphic (character with visible representation)
gvn global variable name
gvnexpr global variable name expression
hangargument Hang argument
ident identification
ifargument If argument
intexpr expr, value interpreted as an integer
intlit integer literal
jobactuallist Job actual argument list
jobargument Job argument
jobparameters Job parameters
killargument Kill argument
L list (list of)
label label of a line
labelref label reference
leftexpr left expression
leftrestricted left restricted
levelline level line (line without formallist)
LF line feed character
li level indicator
line line in routine
linebody line body
lineref line reference
lname local name
lnamind local name indirection
lockargument Lock argument
logicalop logical operator
ls label separator
lvn local variable name
mant mantissa
mergeargument Merge argument
mnemonicspace mnemonic space
mnemonicspacename mnemonic space name
mnemonicspec mnemonic space specifier
name name
namevalue name value
newargument New argument
newsvn New svn
noncomma non-comma
nonquote non-quote (any graphic not equal to quote)
nref name reference
numexpr expression, value interpreted numerically
numlit numeric literal
openargument Open argument
openparameters Open parameters
packagename package name
patatom pattern atom
patcode pattern code
patnonY pattern non Y
patnonYZ pattern non Y or Z
patnonZ pattern non Z
pattern pattern
place place
postcond post condition
processid process identifier
processparameters process parameters
readargument Read argument
readcount Read count
relation relational operator
repcount repeat count in patatom
restartargument restart argument
rexpratom restricted expression atom
rgvn restricted global variable name
rlvn restricted local variable name
routine routine
routinebody routine body
routinehead routine head
routinename routine name
routineref routine reference
routinexpr routine expression
setargument Set argument
setdestination Set destination
setev Set error variable
setextract Set $Extract
setleft Set left
setpiece Set $Piece
SP space character
ssvn structured system variable name
stackcode $STack code
stackcodexpr $STack code expression
strlit string literal
sublit subscript literal
subnonquote subscript non-quote
svn special variable name
system system
systemexpr system expression
textarg $Text argument
timeout time-out specification
transparameters transaction parameters
truthop truth operator
tsparam TStart parameter
tstartargument TStart argument
tvexpr expr, value interpreted as a truth-value
unaryop unary operator
useargument Use argument
V value (evaluates to)
writeargument Write argument
xargument eXecute argument
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