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Approved for inclusion in a future M[UMPS] language standard as part of the library for cyclic redundancy checks.

This function computes a Cyclic Redundancy Code of the 8-bit character string string, using X32 + X26 + X23 + X22 + X16 + X12 + X11 + X10 + X8 + X7 + X5 + X4 + X2 + X + 1 as the polynomial. The optional parameter seed may supply an initial value, which allows for running CRC calculations on multiple strings. If the parameter seed is not specified, a default value of 4,294,967,295 (232–1) is assumed. The value of seed is limited to 0 ≤ seed < 232. The function value will be between 0 and 232.

A typical method of transmitting data is to send data followed by a check-sum value, e.g.:

 Read Data Set L=$Length(Data)
 Set CRC=$Extract(Data,L–1,L)
 Set VAL=0
 For i=1:1:4 Set VAL=VAL*256+$ASCII(CRC,i)
 Set DATA=$Extract(Data,1,L–4)
 If $%CRC32^STRING(Data)'=VAL Do Error

A check-sum can also be calculated over multiple strings:

 For  Set I=$Order(X(I)) Quit:'I  Do
 . Set C=$%CRC32^STRING(X(I),C)
Reference   Value
$%CRC32^STRING(123)   2286445522
$%CRC32^STRING(1234)   2615402659
$%CRC32^STRING(12345)   3421846044
$%CRC32^STRING(" ")   3916222277
$%CRC32^STRING("1234567890123456789012345678901234567890")   2467271962
$%CRC32^STRING("a")   3904355907
$%CRC32^STRING("abc")   891568578
$%CRC32^STRING("abcd")   3984772369
$%CRC32^STRING("abcdef")   1267612143
$%CRC32^STRING("abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz")   1277644989

The MDC has approved code to approximate the return value of this function. Implementors are encouraged to provide more accurate and efficient code).
Click here for $%CRC32^STRING sample code to view or download the code for this function.
Click here for AllFunctions to view or download the code for all M[UMPS] Library Functions.

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